GIVEAWAY! Pamper Yourself with a Perfectly Posh Gift Basket!

So who is ready for another giveaway?!
I am super excited to for this giveaway…because it’s a GREAT prize! This week I will be giving away a gift basket filled with goodies that EVERY woman would want…
A couple weeks ago I was introduced to an awesome new line of products from Perfectly Posh. We are talking yummy lotions, lipglosses, soap etc! The kind of stuff I just LOVE! ;) For this giveaway ONE lucky reader will win a gift basket filled with body butter, healer and lipgloss ($40 value) compliments of Angela at Perfectly Posh!
Perfectly Posh presents products that pamper and are pure. We carefully select the lines, fragrances, and ingredients we offer you, to let you indulge body and mind. It is a pursuit of Perfectly Posh to give you products that you can be proud to use and to share. We offer twelve creative lines and over forty different products to choose from in our pampering brand.
If you want to get an awesome Christmas present for someone, can I recommend the Tart Tootie Lotion? I got some last week, and it smells SO good! :)
For this giveaway you will have THREE ways to enter:

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  1. getting a manicure and pedicure

  2. Out of the perfectly posh catalog I would love to try The Healer.

  3. Getting a mani-pedi is one of my favorite things to do to pamper myself..or going to the salon and getting my hair done.

  4. I pamper myself with massages!!!

  5. I would like to win this ;)

  6. I would love to try the Sweet Crazy Daisy Bath Bomb. It sound like just what I need a nice relaxing bath to melt away the day.

  7. I don’t get the time to pamper myself very often with four children running around but when I do I love long hot bubble baths with aroma candles burning. And then on even rarer occasions a nice massage from my loving husband.

  8. If I could have only one thing from the catalog I would get the Play Footsie Soothing Stick. Work shoes tear my feet up so anything to pamper my feet is awesome!

  9. The way I “pamper” myself is to get a hot shower ( without interruption from the kids) get wrapped up in my comfy clothes and play video games with my husband…

  10. If i could get one thing out of the catalog right now it would be the Bombinator! I would love to put one in a bath tonight…ohh that sounds nice!

  11. When i get a chance to pamper myself i usually try to take a bath with some sort of bubbles, salts or smell goods. SInce I have kids candles are few and far between, but i do save myself a few for moms bath time! :)

  12. love your site. first time here!

  13. Slather Body Butter — Lemon Rice
    This would feel great especially with the winter months coming.

  14. To pamper myself I like to take a long bath with bath salts by candlelight with a cup of hot tea .

  15. How exciting…Would love to win this!!!!

  16. LipShot Balm — Beach Ballistic …hmmm would love to try that since my lips are sooo super dry…=)

  17. I like to cut coupons and listen to music with no distractions.

  18. after taking a long bath i loke to watch my reality tv show and surf the net while drinking a glass of wine…ahhh nice to relax!

  19. i love to whatch my fav shows at night and look threw my coupons and drink hott coco lol

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