Couponing for Your Heath: Save on Fruits and Veggies!

Howdy friends it’s been a long time! I’ll be honest, my blogging break was much needed. Once I pulled the plug for a few months it was like a new found freedom. I realized my kiddos are only going to be little once, and I needed to start focusing more on them, and other important things and less time on my blog. It was a VERY hard decision but I have no regrets. Family first, blogging second.

Our recent trip to Disneyland!

Our recent trip to Disneyland!

However, I still have lots to share with you about couponing. Over the past several months I’ve focused on changing my eating habits, and getting in shape. It’s been an eye opening experience, but it’s been awesome! It’s amazing how much your body can transform when you work hard!

So now, I’m writing a new series of posts that teach you how to save big while eating healthy. Including healthy recipes. Couponing is great, but it’s so easy to stock up on “junk” because let’s be real, that’s mostly what the coupons are for.

How to save on fruits and vegetables...MUST read! Whenever I teach coupon classes I always hear someone complain that there are never coupons for fruits and vegetables. Guess what? There actually ARE coupons available…but they are more rare, and they may take some effort on your part to get. Here are some websites to start looking for coupons: Almost on regular basis you can find coupons for Libby’s canned vegetables on the first of the month. Print ASAP, they go fast. I have posted these awesome coupons in the past..and they are great ones! The coupons offered often print as Save $0.75 on ANY Earthbound Farm Organic Product! Use the coupon at Walmart to score FREE or super cheap organic carrots! Get coupons for strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries when you sign up for the Driscoll’s Reward program (Including a $0.50 cent coupon for signing up!) They’ll even send you something special for your birthday. You know, the banana people!¬† Chiquita also makes Fresh Express bagged salads and salad blends. Simply use their contact form and ask for coupons…you never know what you might get! РGreen Giant is now making a variety a fresh items including romaine hearts and salad blends. You can most likely find coupons for Green Giant products in the Sunday paper. РThis site often has Buy 3 Get 1 Free printable coupons available. -Sign up for their emails and score an easy $1/1 coupon!

“Like” your favorite brands on Facebook…Many times high value coupons are released through Facebook pages!

And finally look for peelies at the store!¬† You probably won’t find a coupon attached to your bananas, but you could find a produce coupon attached to other products in the store. Look for fruit coupons on boxes of cereal and vegetable coupons on packages of meat.

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  1. Antoinette says:

    Welcome back! I feel so bad that I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t getting your emails anymore! I’m glad you’re back now, I love your blog! I love it even more now that you are going to be focusing on healthy stuff. I’m a serious health nut; I love exercising, I eat a vegan diet and I’m going to school for nutrition. I also coupon and always save at least 50-80% on my grocery bill, and it’s all healthy stuff! I would love to share some of my tips if you need any.

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